Video Classes

Homeschool Connections

For ten years Mr. Campbell has taught history, logic, and economics for Homeschool Connections, a provider of online Catholic homeschooling courses. Check out Mr. Campbell’s profile on the Homeschool Connections website to learn about taking his online classes, whether live or pre-recorded. A comprehensive list of all Mr. Campbell’s online classes can be found here.

History in a Minute

Looking for some fun, brief, quirky history videos? Check out Mr. Campbell’s YouTube channel “History in a Minute.” Featuring scores of 1-2 minute videos on a variety of subjects, everything from “What was the earliest recorded battle?” to “What is the history of Almond Joy?” Check out “History in a Minute” for the best historical vignettes on the web from your bearded, nerdy history guru.

Mr. Campbell Explains

For more quirky Mr. Campbell videos on such topics like “Why are Kansas and Arkansas pronounced differently?” or “How did the ancient Egyptians do multiplication?”—as well as other longer historical lectures and just a lot of silliness—please subscribe to his channel “Mr. Campbell Explains.