Private Tutoring Options

I have had the pleasure of working one-on-one with Mr. Campbell for history for two years. I love the ability to get direct and extensive feedback on my work over email, especially on side projects I’ve done alongside him. His guidance has been instrumental in shaping my high school experience. I thoroughly enjoy his teaching and his classes, and he has taught me far more than any previous instructor.” ~Janna, age 16

Providing a top-notch instruction in history can be daunting. The challenges are legion: so much material to cover, so many details to understand, and so many resources to wade through. How can a parent be sure they are using the best texts? How can the subject be taught in a way that is engaging and relevant? How to ensure the overarching themes of a historical period are understood without getting lost in a minutiae of names and dates?

To help you give your student the best possible experience in their history studies, Mr. Campbell offers private tutoring options for high school students interested in taking their historical studies to a new level of awesomeness.

The tutoring is entirely customizable. Ancient Rome? We can do it. Modern Europe? Middle Ages? Got it. Ancient Austonesian/Proto-Filipino Cultures of the Bronze Age? Let’s make it happen.

Mr. Campbell’s private tutoring courses are:

Guided: Your student will be guided through the readings and content of historical study by Mr. Campbell, who will help direct their study and draw out important themes and details in a way that will make history comprehensible and relevant.

Remote: All communication is carried out through email, phone conferences, or Skype sessions scheduled at regular intervals to check in on student’s progress and provide feedback and clarification. This allows for maximum flexibility so you can work the course into your schedule with ease.

Collaborative: The scope and content of tutoring is determined by a collaborative effort between Mr. Campbell, the parents, and the student. The result is a truly team effort that exemplifies the best of what homeschooling is all about.

Customized: This is definitely not an out-of-the-box curriculum. Subject matter, difficulty, texts, assignments, and scheduling are all customized to the needs of the student. This is truly an educational experience sculpted from the ground up and centered on your student’s particular aptitude.

Challenging: Mr. Campbell’s history tutoring both requires and nurtures critical thinking; students will have to comprehend and analyze historical data, not simply look up the answers in a book or memorize some dates.

Cost for one semester is $350 USD. This includes: Initial conference to discuss scope of the course, identifying suitable texts/supplementary materials, creating and grading coursework, regular email communication, monthly phone or Skype sessions, and a certificate of completion at the end of the course. This cost does not include the cost for books and other materials that may be necessary.

If you have further questions about private tutoring options or to check availability, use the contact form to get in touch with Mr. Campbell directly.


I have taken many of Mr. Campbell’s classes over the past three years and have enjoyed every moment of it.   I am very thankful that I was given the opportunity to work with him one-on-one.  It has been an incredible journey working with him directly and getting his helpful feedback which has made me a much better writer.    Mr. Campbell is challenging but the coolest teacher ever and I look forward to his mentoring in the future!~Christine, age 17