History Bootcamps

 “My students thoroughly enjoyed Phillip’s informative and interesting presentation. He has a very natural way of speaking to the students at their level and engaging them, which keeps them interested in hearing more! I would highly recommend his presentations to any school that is seeking to inspire their students with a love of history.”

~Alicia Hernon, Executive Director Mary Seat of Wisdom Classical Community, Steubenville, Ohio

If you are looking for a way to get your students psyched for history? Or perhaps you want to get your history teachers some pointers for how to teach the subject effectively? Mr. Campbell’s History Bootcamps may be for you!

A History Bootcamp brings Mr. Campbell out to your school or program to work with parents, students, and educators. The idea behind Mr. Campbell’s History Bootcamps is to provide students and parents with an extremely in-depth, intensive crash course in history that covers oodles of historical instruction in just a few days. Ideal for small groups and cooperatives, a History Bootcamp is an excellent way to kick-start your year or reinvigorate students’ interest in a particular topic. Bootcamps are typically stretched over a two or three day period, but there is room for accommodating unique scheduling needs.

Mr. Campbell’s History Bootcamps include…

  • Parent-Teacher Sessions
  • Engaging Historical Presentations for Students
  • Curriculum Consultation with Directors/Administrators

Every History Bootcamp includes the option of one more more parent-teacher sessions. These sessions are designed to help educators identify the best methods of historical instruction for their particular circumstances.

Historical presentations for students can be tailored to the specific period of study your group is working with, including Ancient World, Greece & Rome, Middle Ages, Reformation era, Early Modern, Modern Europe, or U.S. History. Other presentations are available upon request and with an appropriate amount of planning.

Curriculum consultation meetings with your program directors-administrators are meant to assist in formulating the best possible history curriculum for your students. Includes a collaborative review and discussion of pedagogy, materials, and scope-and-sequence.

Whether it’s consulting about the creation of a broad history curriculum or speaking to students about history’s great stories, consider Mr. Campbell’s history bootcamps as a way to jump start your history program this year!

Please use the contact page to get in touch with Mr. Campbell about pricing, availability, and scheduling.

Phillip brought with him not only a very clear and orderly format for teaching History, but also a passion for the subject that both enabled our parents and teachers and inspired them to teach History to our students in a way that transferred some of that passion.  I have seen both teachers and students catch the spark of that passion and take new interest in History, though thoughtful questioning and new appreciation for  the motivations behind the people and events they are studying.” -Brooke M.