Coming Soon: The Catholic Homeschool Conference

Because of Covid-19, the regularly scheduled slate of annual Catholic Homeschool Conferences around the country were all cancelled this summer.

However, the good folks at Homeschool Connections have worked their tails off to put together a fairly impressive online homeschooling conference. Called “The Catholic Homeschool Conference,” this entirely online event is featuring over 30 speakers, including giants of Catholic homsechooling such as Kimberly Hahn and Laura Berquist, as well as some other very eminent individuals like Fr. Mitch Pacwa, Dr. Edward Sri, Jason Evert, and Anthony Esolen. The full line-up can be viewed here. Oodles of Catholic businesses sponsoring the event will be giving away freebies, offering workshops, and much more.

At any rate, somehow I got invited to present in the company of these greats. I am going to be giving a talk entitled “Recognizing and Confronting Historical Bias,” which is a very important subject for anyone serious about history. Every day it is getting more difficult to trust the information that is presented to us. This has always been an urgent problem in historical studies, where data can be manipulated to suit political narratives. In this talk, I will offer some strategies for identifying bias in historical writing and confronting it. This will help you and your students to build critical thinking skills and approach historical texts with greater confidence.

The conference goes live on June 25th and the content of the conference will be available for an entire year afterward, so there’s no need to actually do anything on any specific dayyou can view at your leisure. Attendance at the conference is 100% free. However, for $47 you can get a VIP Pass which gives you recordings of all the talks (much like when you buy the talks at a physical conference). VIP Pass holders also get a few bonus items such as eBooks. The VIP Pass goes up to $97 after the conference is over, so make sure you get it before June 25th!

In your charity, if you would like to register, please use the link below. Speakers are being compensated by how many people register using their affiliate links, so using this link to sign up directly helps me:

I hope to see you all there!

~Mr. Campbell

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