Archive of Catholic Exchange Articles

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The Liberation of Hungary: True Story of the Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary” (October 2023)
A Calendrical Tapestry: The Ecclesiastical Ranking of Feasts” (September 2023)
The Passing of Mary: Patristic and Medieval Beliefs” (August 2023)
St. Ignatius on the Battlements of Pamplona” (July 2023)
The Spiritual Significance of Processions” (June 2023)
Why It’s Okay to Portraty Jesus as European…Or Any Other Race” (May 2023)
Myths About the Galileo Case” (April 2023)
Irish Christianity Needs an Intervention” (March 2023)
Jesus Movies: Half a Century of Our Lord on the Big Screen” (February 2023)
Immagini Sacre: Memoirs of a Forgotten Faith” (January 2023)
The Dominican-Jesuit Controversy on Grace” (December 2022)
Author Insights: An Insider Look at Catholic Publishing” (November 2022)
The 19th Century Movement to Canonize Columbus” (October 2022)
The Lateran Basilica and the Ark of the Covenant” (September 2022)
The Three Findings of John the Baptist’s Head” (August 2022)
The History of the Brown Scapular Devotion” (July 2022)
Why is Pentecost on a Sunday?” (June 2022)
Our Lovely Queen of May” (May 2022)
The Truth About the Dark Ages” (April 2022)