Webinar Presentation: The Revolutionary War from the British Point of View

For most Americans, we have been brought in deep familiarity with the dramatic events of the Revolutionary War era: the Boston Tea Party and Boston Massacre, the blockade of Boston Harbor, Paul Revere’s ride, the battles of Lexington and Concord, Washington’s winter and Valley Forge and daring crossing of the Delaware, the Declaration of Independence, Betsy Ross sewing our nation’s first flag, the betrayal of Benedict Arnold, and the final victory over Cornwallis at Yorktown. Acquaintance with these stories runs in our blood; it’s part of what it means to be a historically conscious American.

But, have you ever wondered what this conflict looked like from the British point of view?

This September, I am going to be offering a webinar presentation for adults on this very question—what did the British think of the American Revolution? How did they respond, and how did their attitudes develop throughout the war? It is a truly fascinating subject with many facets to it; if you imagined they just sat around sipping tea and thumbing their noses at us ungrateful peasants, you’re going to be in for a surprise! Some of the points we will be learning about include:

Here’s the details:

  • What were the British arguments against colonial demands?
  • What was Britain’s economic reasoning behind it’s policies?
  • Who were the dominant British politicians shaping its response?
  • What did the British public think of the war?
  • What events in America made the biggest impact on how Brits thought about the conflict?
  • How did class divides within Britain play into the British management of the war?
  • How did King and Parliament evolve in their opinions between 1765 and 1783?

Want to come but worried you might not be able to make that specific time? Don’t worry! You can register anyway and the session will be recorded and available for you to watch at your leisure afterward.

What: “The American Revolution from the British Point of View” with Phillip Campbell
: Wednesday, September 21, 7:30-9:00 PM EST (maybe longer, maybe shorter depending on questions)
Where: On Zoom (link will be emailed ahead of the event)
Register: Registration costs $25. There are various ways you can register:

(1) Use this PayPal link to register. Please make sure the email address you have registered with PayPal is the same address I can send the Zoom link to.
(2) If the link is giving you trouble, send $25 via PayPal the email address: phicampiii@taleofmanaeth.com. Include a note that you are registering for the presentation and make sure the email you use is good.
(3) You can pay via Zelle to 517-404-1982. If you use Zelle, please send a text with your name and an email address where I can send the registration link to.

See you on the 21st!